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Alaska Journey:
Mishaps and Happiness

by Nelson Toye




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Top18 ProvenStragegies for a Successful Career in Real Any Market!

by Dianne Dunn

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The Yankee Princess:

Why Dad and I Were in a Leaguye of Our Own

by Jennie Paul

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So, Do You want a Job,
or What?

Dirty Secrets of Resume Writing and Job Hunting

by John Nicodemus




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Quick and Easy
Recipes for Guys:
Guaranteed to improve
your love life!
by Rich Madzel




Now Available


Zen and the Art
of Negotiation:

Successful Negotiation
for People Who Hate
to Negotiate


Phil Marcus




Award Winner!


The Cat Lover's
Book of Days

Peg Silloway






Award Winner!

 Judged best Gift Book , The Cat Lover's Book of Days is a great gift for all years. Click on the photo to learn more.

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Remember the first time someone said, "You know so much about this! Why don't you write a book?"

That's how it begins – with the thought that what you have to say could make a difference.


      • Maybe you have built a successful business – publishing a book can help position you as an expert, and can be an effective marketing tool.
    • Perhaps your family has a unique history – how will future generations learn about it if you don't write it down? (Scroll down to see an example)
    • Or have you found the best way to bake artisan breads, raise teenagers, or live a full and healthy life? Other people want to know that, too.

Isn't it high time you published your book?

The Silloway Press is The Concierge of PublishingSM. We don't believe in pre-packaged solutions; each book is a unique creation, and each author has specific wants and needs. We let you choose only the services that will add real value without tacking on things you don't want or need. From manuscript to marketing, we can help you reach your own definition of publishing success.

Click on Author Resources and Services to learn about how we help authors reach their goals. You'll also find useful articles, tips, and some humor to make you think and brighten your day.

If you're new to the whole concept of publishing, click on Book Publishing Today to learn what sets The Silloway Press apart from other publishing companies, and how to decide if Independent Publishing is right for you.

Browse the Bookstore to see the latest from Silloway Press authors. And be sure to sign up for The Silloway Press KeyNotes, our monthly e-newsletter of tips, information, and resources for writers and independent publishers.

The great soprano Beverly Sills said, "There are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going." That's true…but we know the roads, and we can help you find the best route to your own success in publishing.

Something New at The Silloway Press

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about our books and authors.

Personal History

Letters from Bud
By Ardyth Hall

The unique personal history of a young American and his transition from Wisconsin high school football hero to World War II warrior. HIs story is told through his letters to family and friends until his final days in war-torn France. Compiled by his niece as a lasting gift for her family.

For availability, please contact Peg at 301-335-9368 or PS@Silloway




Specialty and Custom Publishing

High School and College Reunion Memory Books



















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