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**The Silloway Press is not accepting any new projects at this time.**

About Us

The Silloway Press is a small, independent publishing company established in 2007 with these seven goals:
  1. To publish niche books of primarily non-fiction that are well written, professionally edited, well designed, and beautifully printed. 
  2. To work with writers who believe passionately in what they have to say, and to help them say it.
  3. To create the means by which authors who might otherwise not be published can have their work in print and available for sale. 
  4. To work with other professionals who provide publishing services at the same high level of competence and honesty that we expect of ourselves.
  5. To be fair and open in our contracts and dealings with clients and suppliers, and to insist that they be the same with us.
  6. To recognize our obligation to make a difference in the world by helping others both in our local community and in the larger world community.
  7. To have fun!

Having goals is all well and good, but what matters is how well you work on reaching them. For us, that means cooperating and collaborating with our authors and the other professionals we work with, while keeping these goals in focus.

The writers we work with understand from the start that writing and publishing a book is only the beginning; that the success of the book depends on a commitment of time, money, and effort to the marketing of the book, and that the author is the person who must lead the way in marketing. The Silloway Press provides tools, materials, information, assistance, guidance, project management, and a cheering section; our authors provide the passion, energy, time, and investment.

When selecting other professionals such as editors, designers, and printers to work with, we look for people who do more than just provide what we ask for. We seek those who care enough about their work to find out as much as possible about each project and then to suggest improvements or alternatives we might not have seen.

We also have some strong feelings about what we will not do. The Silloway Press will not publish any books that promote or espouse hatred, bigotry, violence, brutality, crudity (by our definition), pornography, child, spousal, or animal abuse, and the other kinds of topics that keep "Law & Order" scriptwriters in business.

The Silloway Press donates a portion of profits to Heifer International, to organizations that benefit cats, kittens, and other companion animals, as well as to selected literacy and environmental organizations. We encourage our associates and clients to do the same.

And the fun? That comes from loving the world of books and the extraordinary people who write them. It comes from learning something new every day, and from sharing what we learn. And it comes from laughing…a lot. If it's not fun, it's not worth doing!



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