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    **The Silloway Press is not accepting any new projects at this time.**

The Silloway Press has one purpose: To help authors see their publishing dreams come true. Each person has a unique view of what "success" will look and feel like; our job is to help you make that vision a reality.

We created The Concierge of Publishing concept to make it clear that we are here to provide exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

  • Just like a hotel concierge, we will draw on our resources to answer your questions and make connections.
  • We will help you find whatever you need to take your book from idea to manuscript to the printed and bound reality in your hand.
  • Rather than forcing you to select a "package," we take the time to help you understand and then choose only those services that are right for you, every step of the way.

Read through our Publishing Services to see which will be right for your book. Then go to our Writer's Resources to find answers in our collection of articles about writing and publishing – they are yours to read, download, and share. You'll also find a list of useful links for writers, readers, and publishers. And when you need to lighten your day, visit WordPlay for a smile or chuckle.



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