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So, Do You Want a Job, or What? Dirty Secrets of Resume Writing and Job Hunting
by John Nicodemus

Top 18 Proven Strategies for a Successful Career in Real Any Market!
by Dianne Dunn

Quick and Easy Recipes for Guys: Guaranteed to Improve Your Love Life and Feed Your Own Face
by Rich Madzel

The Yankee Princess: Why Dad and I Were in a League of Our Own
by Jennie Paul

Zen and the Art of
Successful Negotiation for People Who HATE to Negotiate

by Phil Marcus

Award Winner!
The Cat Lover's
Book of Days

by Peg Silloway

Living on the Top Line:
The Ultimate How-To Sales Guide for Furniture Retailers in the New Retail Reality

by Joe Capillo

Create a Short Sale:
Your Guide Through the
Short Sale Maze
3rd Edition

by Tim Burrell

Create a Great Deal:
The Art of Real Estate

by Tim Burrell

Award Winner
Real Estate
the Rome Way

by Margaret Rome

How to Sell Your
Small Business

by Rich Madzel


Don't you love the sight of books? All those wonderful covers, all that promise of treasures just waiting to be discovered.

Take your time and browse through our bookshelf. Learn about the authors and read excerpts from their books. Enjoy!

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Jennie Paul is the only daughter of Baseball Hall of Fame nominee, and former owner and president of the New York Yankees, Gabe Paul. An experienced sports reporter in her own right, Jennie is a keen observer whose unique view, combined with never-before seen excerpts from her father's diaries, gives a new perspective on the tumultuous world of 1970s Yankees baseball. The Yankee Princess is for every dad and every daughter.


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While there are many ways of conducting your real estate business, today Dianne shares with you her special tips. These are not hypothetical ideas or suggestions written by motivational speakers or authors. Rather, they are her real-life experiences — the ideas, the mindset, and the systems and tools that have served her well over the years to help build a successful real estate business and career.


Dianne Dunn is a real estate professional with 34 years of full-time experience, with a focus on the residential side of the industry.

ISBN 978-0-9826293-5-2

Available soon in Kindle and ePub versions

Order Top 18 Proven Strategies for a Successful Career in Real Any Market! today from Dianne Dunn. And be sure to take advantage of her offer of a complete set of templates and sample forms! Visit


Available late January 2011

If you really do want a job, this book is for you.

In So, Do You Want a Job, or What?  you will learn the secrets of:

  • Why a standard chronological or functional resume is not effective
  • How to develop a resume that really stands out from your competition
  • How to write a resume with the employer in mind
  • Developing an effective job search strategy
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your job search
  • How to keep a positive mindset throughout your job search
  • Volunteering and other effective strategies to enhance your search
  • How to effectively “sell” yourself
  • The pitfalls of starting your own business

 Author John Nicodemus has expertise gained from many years on both sides of the table, as job seeker and interviewer. He mentors employment groups, and now is sharing what he has learned in this straightforward guide.

ISBN 978-0-9831552-0-1

Available soon in Kindle and ePub versions


Now Available

Don't you wish there was a little book that would tell you how to deal with life's sticky situations? Wish no more...DIM WYT is here. No, we're not calling you a "dim wit" - in fact, this book will help you do exactly what it promises - succeed in life in 96 easy ways. 

DIM WYT is a collection of acronyms that each provide encapsulated wisdom that author Paul Naden has drawn from more than 40 years working with clients as a CPA and attorney. He created this shorthand of sayings - his "Naden Nibbles" - to help his clients remember good, basic practices that make the wheels of business and all relationships run smoothly. From DIM WYT to CWYW, you'll find plenty of "Ah ha!" moments in this little gem of a book.

ISBN-13 -978-0-9826293-2-1

ISBN-10 - 0-9826293-2-X



Now Available

Winter Special!

Buy this book directly during the Vacation Fling for just $17.45.  This includes a personal inscription,  shipping, and a free copy (while supplies last) of Kluge: The Haphazard Creation of the Human Mind by Dr. Gary Marcus, the book on cognition that partly inspired "Zen and the Art."  You need to phone the author at 301-498-4766 during normal business hours with your credit card details.  He craves attention.


Does the thought of negotiation give you chills? It doesn’t have to anymore.

This book will teach you how to avoid the nerves and adrenaline so you can think clearly before and during a negotiation session. You will also learn the concepts of the Sustainable DealSM, coping with clients and constituents, how to deal with Bullies and Nut CasesSM, and much more. Written in a breezy, down-to-earth style, this book will help you through any negotiation, whether you are buying a car, selling software, or selling your own services, or…

Philip L. Marcus is an MIT graduate with 35 years of experience as a Maryland lawyer in both direct negotiation and the political environment, and has spent years teaching adults.

Zen and the Art of Negotiation is now available for immediate shipment.

ISBN-13 978-0-9802057-1-8        

ISBN-10 0-9802057-1-9

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Now Available
from Ursa Books
(an imprint of the Silloway Press)

Winner of the 2010 Muse Medallion for Gift Book!

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Cat lovers know that you do not ever own a cat. If you are fortunate one or more cats will own you, and you will be permitted to act as their hosts and staff. 

This book is for everyone who has ever loved and  been owned by a cat, whether purebred or a poundling. Each of the book's 366 days is all about cats - the unique names we give them (or they choose), the famous people who have hosted them, and their place in history, myth, and magic. This book for all days will be a thoughtful and treasured gift for any one who has ever been a cat's person.

The Cat Lover's Book of Days is now available for immediate shipment.


** Complimenary gift wrapping for any occasion**

ISBN-13 978-0-9802057-4-9        

ISBN-10 0-9802057-4-3

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Joe Capillo has spent over 35 years studying the dynamics of retail selling in furniture stores as a sales manager, retail executive, business consultant, and developer of sales training programs. He has taken that extensive experience and wealth of knowledge and created this guide. Now retailers in the new competitive reality will learn the best ways to enhance their customers' experience with their stores.

Joe is a contributing editor to Furniture World magazine where his articles have appeared for more than a decade. He can be reached through Joe Capillo Strategic Sales Consulting.

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Living On the Top Line: The Ultimate How-To Sales Guide for Furniture Retailers in the New Retail Reality.
ISBN-13 978-0-9802057-3-2
ISBN-10 0-9802057-3-5

Updated 3rd Edition shipping now!

The rules of Short Sales just changed. This book is designed for real estate professionals, but it will explain a Short Sale in detail to anyone. In a Short Sale, a property is sold and the lenders get paid less than the full amount owed on the loans, i.e., the payment is "short." This is an important alternative to foreclosure because the sellers move with dignity with less damage to their credit, the buyers get a house in better condition, and the bank makes on average 30% more money. Short Sales are an important part of America's economic recovery; this book will help you make the right choices for everyone involved in the process.


CLICK HERE to order directly from the author, Tim Burrell

Create A Short Sale: Your Guide Through the Short Sale Maze - 3rd Edition
ISBN-13 978-0-9826293-9-0
ISBN-10 0-9826293-9-7

Now Available

An experienced real estate negotiator and attorney has written the definitive guide to negotiating. With an emphasis on Win-win negotiation, Tim Burrell tells you everything you need to know to create better deals and make more money!

“Tim Burrell’s new book on negotiating, Create a Great Deal, is easy to read, filled with real world examples and full of smart, creative ideas that will take your negotiating skills to the next level.  Read this book – your buyers and sellers will benefit and so will your bottom line.  Who knew negotiating and reading about it could be such fun?!"

~ Laurie Moore-Moore, Founder The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing

CLICK HERE to order directly from the author, Tim Burrell

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Create a Great Deal: The Art of Real Estate Negotiating
ISBN-13 978-0-9802057-0-1
ISBN-10 0-9802057-0-0

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How to Sell Your Small BusinessFor every small business owner, for consultants, and for brokers - this book has the nuts-and-bolts information to help you sell your small business.

Rich Madzel was the owner of a small business. When a respected broker was unable to sell it, Rich put a plan together, implemented it himself, and had a check 14 days after contacting the right potential buyer.  With a pocket full of money, a head full of how-to ideas, and too much time on his hands, he developed a unique approach to selling a small business.  After learning that his way was similar to how the merger and acquisition experts sell bigger businesses, he wrote this book to help you, or your broker sell your small business.

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How to Sell Your Small Business
ISBN-13 978-0-9802057-6-3
ISBN-10 9802057-6-X

Now Available

Real Estate the Rome WayStep up to extraordinary success in real estate – starting here, starting now.

This book is for professionals who want to climb above the crowd and enjoy extraordinary success in the real estate profession.

Margaret Rome is a multi-million dollar producing agent who has created success in her own unique style. Now she has taken the lessons she's learned the hard way and put them in this guide to extraordinary success in any real estate market.

Whether you are only thinking of a career in real estate, or have been in the business for a while and want to move up to greater success, you'll find answers in this book that you can put to work right away.

Isn't it time for you to step up to extraordinary real estate success?

Click on the book cover above to read an excerpt and
see what people are saying about this new book!

Personally autographed copies of Margaret's book are only available through
this website - click on the book above to order yours.

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Real Estate the Rome Way
ISBN-13  978-0-9802057-9-4
ISBN-10  0-9802057-9-4


Coming Soon

What every writer needs! Daily inspiration, encouragement, and an occasional whack upside the head to help you get from an idea in your head to words on papers.

Writing is a solitary pursuit. Even if we belong to networking or critique groups, sometimes writers need a quick jolt to make us see things in a new light.

The Writer's Book of Days by Peg Silloway brings you information, trivia, quotes, humor, and thought-provoking ideas to help jumpstart the creativity machine in your brain, all served up one page a day for a full year. There's space on each page to add your own notes and thoughts, too, so you never lose track of a great idea. It's the perfect gift for any writer…including yourself!

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